The Period program created To eliminate Taboo.

A Future Achievers Program
Formulated Especially For Girls!

Our teams of Pediatricians, psychologist, counselors, designers, and mothers other professionals have spent years developing this Period Care Program especially for girls like you. 

Confident Girls become confident Future leaders!

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Our Future Achievers Programs™ are now available on-demand and are offered in over 26 languages. Our In-Person programs are held in the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom and in France. 

Virtual or In-Person Options

Virtual Program

Helping families Approach Menstrual Health!

We’re taking the AWKWARDNESS out of Period Health Discussions! This program was formulated to help families provide girls with all of the tools and techniques needed to conquer period health!

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It Girl:Period is a 4-day Virtual Program that was formulated for girls ages 6-18.
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In-Person Program

Empowering Young Girls Globally!

Our Program Leaders cover the basics of period health, self-confidence and self - care in a safe space. Register the girl in your life for a life-changing experience!

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We're offering this program in-person for students at select locations.

Program Benefits

Your student will gain access to many pdfs incorporated throughout the program. They will also has access to creative writing content, creative art assignments and vital information about themselves that most adults don’t. 

Emotional Intelligence

Our program participants leave unafraid to discuss their feelings surrounding menstruation and daily adversities. Parents have reported an increase in conflict resolution skills.

Period Health

Program participants will leave better informed about menstruation and period health. Students explore their bodies and it's functions for 4 days of supported creative learning.


We're insuring that the future generations have access to self-confidence building tools that will aid them in combating mental health issues and the inevitable trials and tribulations they will face in life.

Herbal Remedies

Our program is the first of it's kind to provide girls with knowledge of global herbal remedies to combat PMS. We're teaching girls how to making healthier choices now can shift their futures.

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Why Future Achievers Programs™

empowered students become confident Future leaders!

Invest in your child future success

Our programs are loaded with confidence boosting lessons, tools that promote success. We've mastered infusing our educational programs with creativity!

Trusted Knowledge

Our highly trained Program Leaders are world scholars and come from diverse backgrounds. Our team is deeply committed to working alongside students to become more informed global citizens.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our students have access to high-quality and implementable knowledge from leaders in the industry. We've formulated over many camps, workshops and virtual programs for our students.

Access Anywhere, Anytime!

Our Future Achievers Programs™ are now available on all devices! Our students can now access our programs while on the go! 

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Our program has changed the lives of girls in 6 countries. We’re on track to impact over 200,000+ girls by 2024! Help us reach our goal and create more confident students!