Jean-Michel Basquiat

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Even The Greatest Faced Adversity

Defeating All Odds

Basquiat's Teen Life

Basquiat was born on December 22, 1960. He was an American artist who began his painting career, by being a notorious graffiti artist. His mom inspired his love of art by taking him to the Brooklyn art museum often. As Basquiat entered, high school, learning became difficult.

As Basquiat entered, high school, learning became difficult for him. He joined local gangs, and was expelled from school for Pie-ing, a principal. Some believe that Basquiat had a learning disability. However, he was extremely gifted and needed more guidance to perfect his craft.

Trials & Adversity

Basquiat’s father was Haitian and his mother was Puerto Rican. Like many multicultural students, it can be difficult to immerse yourself in a foreign setting. While Basquiat was born in America, his parents faced many trials as immigrants.  

Basquiat, as a teen was thrown out of his parents’ home for being disobedient. His mother was challenged with mental health issues. At 17 Basquiat was living on the streets of New York learning to care for himself. Despite all odds, he networked his way into the high society of artists in New York and became successful.

How can I Relate to basquiat?

We've All Been There

While your life’s story differs from that of Basquiat, we’ve all had disappointments and trials that shaped us into the people we are today. Basquiat went on to become one of the most prolific artists in America.

You too can overcome any adversity that is presented in your life. No matter what others speak about your passions or interests, you must pursue your dreams while you are young!

Basquiats Obstacles

As we just learned he faced many obstacles in life. Basquiat decided that his passion for art was worth fighting for.

Basquiat Strengths

Strength is required to overcome any obstacle. At a tender age, Basquiat became strong enough mentally to overcome his adversities.

you too can beat the odds

Basquiats Success

There are more detailed stories about Basquiat. We gave you the short and sweet! How did Basquiat become successful? Here are a few of the ingredients that contributed to his success……

Perfected His Craft
Made Mistakes
Ignored Negativity

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